Global/integral assays in hemostasis diagnostics: promises, successes, problems and prospects



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Mikhail A Panteleev and Hendrik Coenraad Hemker
Thrombosis Journal (2015) 13:5
DOI 10.1186/s12959-014-0032-y

Laboratory testing in hemostasis is a subject of growing concern among the specialists. To put it plainly, the standard assays that have been in widespread use for more than 40 years (APTT and PT assays for clotting, aggregometry for platelets) are not sensitive and specific for too many major disorders of hemostasis; their parameters can remain within normal ranges when patient is in acute danger of thrombosis or bleeding; even if they do detect some abnormality they do not indicate the severity of the clinical manifestations; in rare cases they are even abnormal in a clinically asymptomatic individual.

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